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It was standing straight out having escaped the protection of its hood and was almost as big as the tip of her little finger.

He started sucking on it and Bella lost all control. When things finally subsided Bella rolled out of bed, walked to the foot of it, and sat in a chair facing Jake.

Even though his face was covered with her ass, he immediately knew when he reached it.

His tongue found the smooth feel of her asshole incredibly sexy, circling it over and over.

She never came while he fucked her so she would masturbate after Jake quickly blew his load.

Which meant there was a great deal of time when he had nobody to sleep with.

Although very few people talk about it in polite company, outside of computers, the business sector that probably benefited the most from the Internet is the Porn industry.

Eventually in the last two or three weeks he had started admitting the truth to himself. In the bed the first couple of times they had sex Jake had cum quickly, but it wasn't earth shattering for him by any means.

That he was not cumming from watching the tits and pussies, but from watching the cocks. Bella had moaned a lot as he fucked her hairy cunt.

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The right slut will find out how big it is when it gets hard. As Jake's eyes continued down the body he came to a small but thick patch of black hair above the junction of the legs.

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