Cpanel disk space usage not updating rules of the game of dating

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Cpanel disk space usage not updating

Huge error_logs The PHP error log is generated or updated along with the new entries each time your PHP scripts are not executed correctly.If the file is not attended to in a timely manner, it can grow a couple gigabytes big in spite of its being just a text file.If you see a plugin or a theme name in the error_log entry, you can contact the developer and provide him/her with the error message to pinpoint the cause of the issue.Data of old websites Removing a domain from the list of addons does not actually remove all files/databases associated with it, so if you have a lot of folders named by domains which are no longer active or hosted somewhere else, you should consider removing them. How To Password Protect a Directory in c Panel XIX. How To Update Your Contact Information in c Panel XII. How To Create Additional FTP Accounts in c Panel XVIII. NOTE: If you are not sure which files/databases can be deleted and which cannot, we strongly suggest contacting a developer or consulting with our support team before proceeding.Most CMSs like Word Press or Joomla have a database attached to the website, which needs to be removed separately in c Panel My SQL Databases menu: You can check what database is being used for the website in the configuration file, for example, for a Word Press website, for Joomla, etc.

The Softaculous script Such backups are stored in /softaculous_backups/ directory in your hosting account: Both automatic and manual backups will be stored in this folder.

How To Add a Record With the DNS Zone Editor in c Panel XV. How To Use the Disk Space Usage Tool in c Panel XVII.

How To Create Custom Error Pages in c Panel XXVIII.

Known examples of such files are: Core dump files ( e.g., files) – some hosting providers enable generation of core dumps which contain the recorded state of the working server memory at a specific time, generally, when the program/script has terminated abnormally (crashed).

Debugging scripts with the help of such files may be difficult and not needed since general logs usually provide the exact reason of a script failure, so feel free to delete all of these files.

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This is why we have limitations for downloadable files, specifically – no more than 10Gb of a shared hosting account can be allocated to music, video or other multimedia files including but not limited to .avi, .mp3, .mpeg, .jpg, files.

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