Cougarcub dating sites

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Who knows, maybe Demi married Ashton to give herself some media boost?

Perhaps, as with many couples in the entertainment industry, the coupling was mutually beneficial.

The impact broad age spreads have in how well cougar-cub marriages fare decades down the line has been little studied.

What happens when a man, say 10 years younger or more, decides he wants a biological child?

In real numbers, women married to younger men were a thin demographic slice, less than 15 percent in the study released four years prior to cougars taking on the world in a noticeable way.

Pepper Schwartz, the sex and relationship expert for AARP and a sociology professor at the University of Washington in Seattle, said cougar dating is one thing.

"They wanted to marry me and put me in a house and keep me there.I can't help but wonder if Ashton & Demi weren't a Cougar/Cub couple if people would care so much or if they'd be getting as much attention?Will the media now make a broad statement that these relationships just don't work?"You play around with somebody for a while and have a lot of fun, but it's another thing to say, 'Hey, we're signing up for a long haul.' "Sometimes the age factor isn't a factor at all, she said.For others, it doesn't become one until well into a marriage."It sometimes doesn't really hit until you're in a different health cycle.

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Only they know the truth and frankly, as salacious as it is to speculate, it's really none of our business.