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Consolidating debt bad credit rating

In deciding what to do, you must look at your circumstances and make an assessment as to what’s right for you, understand all the benefits and consequences.

Be realistic and ask yourself whether you are looking for a more convenient way to manage your debts as opposed to trying to stave off a potential financial disaster.

A person once said to me that when you’re in a hole and you want to get out of it, the first thing you should do is stop digging.For this reason, we present affordable options specifically tailored to suit your situation.If you have more than three debts and your creditors want different amounts of money at different times of the month you may find it difficult to co-ordinate your payments in a way that works with your budget.If you have a guarantor who is tenant they can help you borrow from £1,000 - £6,000.Guarantor must be a tenant aged 21 to 70 years old.

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This is not always the case and interest rates will vary depending on your credit reputation and the lenders assessment of your application.