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Consolidating a sallie mae student loan

Unfortunately, Sallie Mae no longer offers private loan consolidation.Students can still consolidate their Sallie Mae and other private loans through a private financial institution.Unless the loans you want to consolidate are in a deferment, forbearance, or grace period, it’s important for you to continue making payments on those loans until your consolidation servicer tells you that they have been paid off by your new Direct Consolidation This depends on where you are in the consolidation process.allows you to consolidate (combine) multiple federal education loans into one loan. Direct PLUS Loans received by parents to help pay for a dependent student’s education cannot be consolidated together with federal student loans that the student received.The result is a single monthly payment instead of multiple payments. Refer to the complete list of federal student loans eligible for consolidation in the application.If you submitted your application online, your consolidation servicer’s contact information was provided at the end of the online process. Sallie Mae (Student Loan Marketing Association) loans issued by SLM Corporation (SLM) similar to other private loans, cannot be forgiven.

There is no cap on the interest rate of a Direct Consolidation Loan.Note: When we say "Sallie Mae loan," we are referring to a loan that originates with the agency; Sallie Mae also administrates federal direct student loans (confusing, we know).The first step is to speak directly with the lender. Top Private education loans are not eligible for consolidation, but for some Direct Consolidation Loan repayment plans, the total amount of your education loan debt—including any private education loans—determines how long you have to repay your Direct Consolidation Loan. The loans that were consolidated are paid off and no longer exist.

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Once your loans are combined into a Direct Consolidation Loan, they cannot be removed.

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