Cnbc secret science of online dating

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Bob Pisani gains unprecedented access to the mines of South Africa, the gold vaults of London and the never-before-seen largest private gold reserve in the world.

Viewers also can get a glimpse inside the trading pits in New York and the shop floor of America's largest gold jewellery manufacturer.

And his monthly blog, Ok Trends, which he launched last year, is suddenly one of the most popular Web destinations—2 million people have visited in the last six weeks—for fans of fascinating data about how we live and love.

Rudder is the gatekeeper of the trove of data that have been collected by Ok Cupid since its inception in 2004.

Our cameras explore the innerworkings of UPS' Worldport and the Fed Ex Super Hub showing how extreme automation and hi-tech logistics help two companies scan, move and push their businesses to new heights.

Instead, he works for the dating Web site Ok Cupid.The company never advertises, charges its 64 million members to shop there and doesn’t mark up any product more than 15 percent.It’s a business model that works, generating billion in annual sales.Pill Poppers takes us on a tour through the world of pharmaceuticals – and reveals that drug discovery has as much to do with serendipity as it does with science.We learn that the purpose of some drugs has changed -- like Ritalin, for instance, which was originally designed to treat depression in adults before becoming a blockbuster treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

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CNBC Originals TV show are "must see TV" for the viewer enamoured by such iconic businesses and events as Budweiser, Mc Donald's, Nike, Wal-Mart, America's pot industry, the stock market crash of '87 and how today's economic House of Cards began to tumble.

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