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Posted by / 22-Jan-2020 02:51

A VTP client can overwrite a VTP server if the revision number is higher because a VTP server is also a VTP client.Yes I know this sounds silly but this is the way it works…very dangerous since you’ll lose all your VLAN information.Broadcast frames have to be flooded by our switches and since our trunks are carrying all VLANs, this broadcast will go everywhere.However if you look at the switch in the middle do you see any computer in VLAN 10?This is the short version of what I just described: Besides the VTP server and VTP client there’s also a VTP transparent which is a bit different, let me show you an example: Our VTP Transparent will forward advertisements but will not synchronize itself.You can create VLANs locally though which is impossible on the VTP client.

The VTP client will advertise its information to the other switches, they synchronize to the latest information and POOF all your VLANs are gone!The links between the switches are trunks using the 802.1Q protocol and carrying all VLAN traffic.One of our computers in VLAN 10 sends a broadcast frame, where do you think this broadcast frame will go?Oh and by the way you can have multiple VTP servers since it also functions as a VTP client so you can make changes on multiple switches in your network.In order to make VTP work you need to setup a VTP domain name which is something you can just make up, as long as you configure it to be the same on all your switches.

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