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Cigar smoking dating

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“The attraction is down to the variety of high quality tobacco in the cigars - no chemically preserved cigarette grade nasty stuff but something that has been grown and cured to give more flavour.”Mr Montgomery admits that cigar smoking is lost on most young people, usually lacking in time.Your stereotypical idea of a cigar smoker makes up five or six of them and the rest are uncategorisable.”“We’re a bit of an oddity compared to London, as we have a much younger dynamic,” says Mr Clayton. “Usually, they’re guys who have kids and can’t really go out larging it in town anymore.They would now rather spend their night with a nice Scotch malt and a cigar,” he adds.Cigars have long been associated with fat cat city brokers in pinstripes and too much cash, but changing attitudes and a growing interest among younger people could be leading to a revival.Last week, the Financial Times reported that cigar smokers were a dying breed in the UK, with consumption figures nosediving over the past 20 years to an estimated 300,000 smokers.

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A swathe of grand cigar terraces opening in many luxury hotels over the past few years - now considered a must-have for London’s top addresses - certainly does not point to a dismal death for the cigar industry.

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