Chatrooms sexirani

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Chatrooms sexirani

It is a journey that has privileged me to witness the joining of people in marriage, the celebration of new life, the honoring of those who have passed, and the acknowledgement of the earth and all of her blessings.In addition to my Ministry training I have also been awarded a Master of Arts degree in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work with a focus in Clinical Practice with Individuals and Families.I believe in the importance of exploring our biases about race, culture, ethnicity, and gender, being mindful and responsible in the ways we speak and commune with one another, the grace and courage of the human spirit, taking risks, and being kind. Sunshine, random acts of kindness and people make me happy.Medium/medium rare were introduced about this time.Originally only of eggs: slightly or imperfectly cooked, underdone.

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From a very early age I have been curious about the different ways spirituality and religious beliefs have guided, supported, hurt, disappointed, comforted, and nourished our lives.

My own spiritual journey has ebbed and flowed with serious moments of doubt and questioning to feelings of absolute certainty that there lies a presence within that is so expansive and divine that it unites us all.

It also grounded my years in academia with a fuller understanding of the human experience that is unique to each individual.

This was a journey that was and continues to be both rich in community and deeply personal in practice.

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One Spirit Learning Alliance is also an organization that encourages and demands that each individual take responsibility for their own spiritual and emotional growth while providing a safe container for others to do the same.