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When I’m alone, I can be inconsistent—either bursts of a full song, or only two lines of a verse.I’ll write about things so deeply personal that I get caught in tunnel vision and very in my head, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but just difficult for me to be as objective.The company was so inspired by the song, in fact, that they decided to feature Rogers herself in the commercial.As a major coup for both young songwriters and a bona fide success story for the program, we caught up with Maggie Rogers and Andy Seltzer to find out how the remarkable fruition of their co-writing led to such stellar results. Maggie Rogers: I became a member of BMI while living in Boston, attending Berklee School of Music’s Five Week Program.

Thanks so much - these events are not only fun, they work!Through the purely organic alchemy of their collaboration, Rogers and Seltzer ended up writing “Split Stones,” a stirring slice of kinetic pop that swoons and sparkles with electronic flourishes and soars via Rogers’ soulful voice.True to the single’s vibrant nature, The North Face ended up selecting it for placement in their new advertising campaign.That being said, I wasn’t actually involved actively with BMI until I was in college.I registered all my self-released records with BMI, but it wasn’t until my senior year of college that I really started making connections.

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I showed up with a messenger bag of my college demos, and Brandon, Tim Pattison, Samantha Cox, and Sarah Middough sat with me for hours talking and getting to know me. I consider them family and they’ve been my core and life support in the city ever since!!

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