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Came 4 chat

Obviously I am no doctor/nurse nor medically trained in anyway but my thoughts would be as follows:-1. Possibly could be old blood/lining from a previous period, since it was brown. Try not to stress, it's good that the doctor did Hello Masonmoo, Thank you for posting in Ask the Nurses on Cancer Chat.You might just have an infection, a sti maybe, which could cause these symptoms you are experiencing. It could be possible that you irritated your cervix/vagina from having intercourse, especially if the sex was deep/rough, this can sometimes cause slight bleeding. Abnormal bleeding and pelvic pain in young woman is not usually related to cancer but should be checked out by a doctor or specialist nurse.The proposal quickly gained support from multiple projects and many of our own community members indicated that they were looking forward to this change.The proposal and discussion around it remained open and transparent at Github as we looked to see how many projects might be interested in this joint effort.For more information about specific project’s migration plan go to their respective announcement for details.As every project is different, the projects listed here will share their detailed plans with their communities on their own channels when ready.I read cervical ectropion can be indistinguishable from early cervical cancer, I expressed this and my concerns in the fact that I hadn't had the HPV vaccination.They didn't allow a smear test regardless because of my age and I've tried not to worry too much.

We will begin by moving all the existing users and public channels to Rocket Chat (there’s a tool for that in RC! Then we will continue to close down the channels at Slack, keeping only the announcement channel for a period before finally completely leaving Slack behind.

I presume that's what the doctors did the swabs for? Have you been given the results of the swabs that were taken?

I say this because the symptoms you have may be because of infection which might need to be treated.

However, I am really worried now following my smear result and not sure what to think.

I can't stop thinking whether the ectropion was/is something more sinister. Hi, I'm 22 and last week I had brown bleeding after sex...

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At Aragon our plan has been from day one to switch into using an open source messaging platform at some point.

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