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Instead, the major damage was mostly done by the lahars, which was partly due to the fact that the main event occurred during the rainy season.In a way, this was a foreshadowing of what would happen later at Pinatubo, where the eruption coincided with a typhoon. The ash layers are fairly well mapped, and summing everything up suggest that the 17 March event caused 0.4 km DRE.Three volcanoes are located in close proximity to each other.

Again the pyroclastic flows came, and again there was major destruction, now mainly around the foot of the mountain.It seems problematic that these came from the same location; more likely is that there were several vents in the caldera, some giving phreatic explosions and one or more expelling lava. It was, after all, during the peak of the rainy season.The ash of the 17 March eruption was blown to the west, covering all of Java.Much was blown out to sea, and some fell 175 km away on the island of Sempanjang.Pyroclastic deposits are found in the valleys on the slopes of the volcano but it appears they did not reach much into the low lands.

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The lava had probably first appeared together with the explosions the dat before, but this had not been seen. A video of the early days of the eruption is available on this icon of the 2010’s, youtube: Over the next four weeks the lava kept flowing although the amounts were not huge. It was 1 kilometer wide and over 50 meter thick; the volume over the next three weeks is estimated at 0.05-0.1 km And so the main event began.