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Cam to cam sex cyberchat

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BK1 Backup (Can be 1 to 9, usually with Word Perfect) .

.~ Temporary File .~AP Borland C App Expert Project Database File .~DE Borland C Project Backup File .~MN Norton Menu Backup .~PR Terramodel Project Backup .~SG Tap CIS Message Index File .~$~ 1st Reader Temporary File .$$$ Temporary File (various) .$$A OS/2 .$$F OS/2 Database .$$P OS/2 Notes .$$S OS/2 Spreadsheet .$D$ OS/2 Planner Data File .$DB d Base Temp File .$ED MS C/C Temporary Editor File .$LN Borland C TLink Response File .$VM MS Windows Virtual Manager Temp File .000 (000-999) Sequentially Numbered Backup Files MS Doublespace Compressed Data File Geoworks Data File .001 Fax Data File (various) .075 Ventura Publisher 75dpi Screen Characters .085 Ventura Publisher 85dpi Screen Characters .091 Ventura Publisher 91dpi Screen Characters .096 Ventura Publisher 96dpi Screen Characters .0B Page Maker Printer Font Line Draw Characters .10X Gemini Bitmap Printer Graphics File .113 Iomega Backup File .123 Lotus File .12M Lotus Smartmaster File .12U Page Maker Font File .15U Page Maker Printer Font .196 Computer Snooper Log File (inactive domain: .1PE Turbo Tax Form File .1ST Information (e.g., README.1ST) .24B 24-bit Graphic File .286 Windows Standard Mode Driver .2D 2D Versa CAD Drawing File .2GR Windows EGA/VGA Screen Grabber [EGA] [VGA] .301 Fax Data .303 Seq-303 Settings .320 Chromelion Demo Data File .323 H.323 Internet Telephony .340 Chromelion Demo Data File .386 Windows Enhanced Mode Driver or Swap File .3D Versa CAD 3D Drawing File .3DM 3D Modeler File .3DP Serif 3D Plus .3DS 3D Studio Graphic .3DT The database in Inter Base 6.0 format (the open source version) in which a 3D Topicscape is held.

URL: 2005-09-22) .3FX Corel Chart 3D Effect .3GR Windows SVGA/XVGA Screen Grabber [SVGA] .3IN MSN Setup Information .411 Sony Mavica Data File .4GE Informix 4GL Compiled Code .4GL Informix 4GL Source .4SW 4DOS Swap File .4TH FORTH Program .4V Quartet Music File .669 669 Tracker Module Unis Composer Music File .8 A86 Assembler Program File .8BA Adobe Photo Deluxe Plugin (also ends in E, F, I, X, & Y) .8BF Filter Factory File [Viewer] .8M Page Maker Math 8 Printer Font .8U Page Maker Roman 8 Printer Font .906 Calcomp Plotter File . A01 ARJ Multi-volume Compressed Archive (can be 01 to 99) .

BCH d Base Application Generator Batch Process Object Phoenix Software (Datalex) Entry Point 90 Data File .

CAB Cabinet File (Microsoft installation archive) .

AMG AMGC Compressed Archive (alternate site) AMG ACTOR System Image .

AMF Advanced Module Format Music File DSMIA/Asylum Module Music . AMS Extreme's Tracker Module Format Photoshop Monitor Setup Velvet Studio Module .

ACD Chromeleon Channel Raw Data Sonic Foundry Acid Music File MS Agent Character Definiton File . ACF MS Agent Character File Photoshop Custom Filter .

ACM Audio Compression Manager Driver (Windows) Photoshop Command Button Windows System File ACBM Image File Interplay Compressed Sound File . ADR After Dark Random Screen Saver Module Smart Address Address Book . ADT HP New Wave Card Application Data File Lingvo Dictionary File Ad Tech Fax File . ADX Lotus Approach Index File Archetype Designer Document Dynazip Active Delivery Script .

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AXT ASCII Application Object Template Photoshop Replace Color/Color Range .

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