Cakelady dating who is derek hough from dancing with the stars dating

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Cakelady dating

I didn't have another date because he lied, BUT (oh feck the big BUT again ) because he didn't have the 'spark' for me.

I wouldn't have written a testimonial to say he lied OR to say he was a nice guy.

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It doesn't stop us from liking them, or appreciating that their qualities make them perfect for others.I met a guy and one of his first comments was " I'm actually older than my profile says if you start to do the maths about my kids ages etc" his reason being he had done some research and lots of ladies put him a year or so above their upper limit for contact.By his picture I thought he had had a hard life but we had a laugh on line.Aww how sweet of you to stick up for ibakecakes :) its endearing hun.You will find others share my views, some are not so out spoken or cynical, cynical is good.

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