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References about soccer being the reason of this song should be looked upon as for comparison reasons only of the two different types of love in Rod's life at that time. Rod wrote the song about Britt Ekland and admitted to this in an early interview but later changed his tune saying he didn't write it about any particular woman (but certainly about women! He has never said he wrote it about a football team!

And by most accounts she was of small or average bust size in the 1970s. I don't understand why everyone assumes the song is about Britt Eklund.

Otherwise, the rest is about one of his girlfriends or one night stands. The song is very clearly about a woman & he just happens to *compare* her figuratively to football teams. Otherwise, that means Rod is singing that football is literally his lover. Not exactly what comes to my mind when I think of football.

I do remember hearing Rod state in another interview that the song had nothing to do with Britt Ekland, which would make sense as the couple were splitting up at the time the song came out. And just why would Rod ask "honey, what do you see in me? That makes no sense's about both's about ekland and he is comparing her to football saying that she is both Celtic and united meaning better than his 2 favorite things.because if you listen tithe rest of the words you can see that don't just focus on one part.

This song was written for Britt Ekland or some other "big bosomed lady with a Dutch accent".

She meant more to him that his "first love", soccer.

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'" he recalled."Britt thought that she and I were headed for marriage.