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People ought to be smart to know that an icon like Lionel Messi won’t easily interact with his fans on social media due to the millions of followers he has.

A Ghanaian boy, Frimpong Dan Albert is being used as a laughing stock online after his chat with a parody twitter account of Messi was exposed.

The Whatsapp group is packed with quality banter that no one else should ever see but when referenced in public, this never fails to get a sly grin.

You can mute notifications, but eventually you’re going to have to check it to know what time that Anurag Kashyap movie is.

He’s the inspiration behind every bad decision you have ever made.

In all likelihood, it’s his picture Photoshopped onto a penis that is the group icon.This could end relationships, get you fired, sued or put behind bars if it fell into the wrong hands.Like that video of you on stage getting blown by a ladyboy at your Bangkok bachelor party…Key player: The wildest member of the group.A violently enthusiastic supporter, it’s all “we” and “our” when discussing club decisions.He’s the guy with his name on the jersey come match day. A casual Tinder screenshot when a lad wants advice on closing that sparks debate on whether her face-to-body ratio is worth the effort. Ever so often, someone gets their heart really smashed but the relationship advice your bros dish out on the chat is about as substantial as the lyrics to Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie”.


Key player: The guy with the access to the best porn, and who’s been with everyone from a supermodel to Golem from Probably the reason the group was created in the first place though it’s wildly deviated from its original purpose.

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