Bluetooth dating service

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Bluetooth dating service

So the pair agreed to meet up for coffee after the show, and Amanda brought some of her friends along, just to be safe. "I lucked out." The two are now dating exclusively, and they credit the love-the-one-you're-near philosophy of Skout with setting them up. "I was like, 'Oh we're at the same place, why not discuss the show?

'" While established online dating services like e Harmony and go to painstaking lengths to match daters based on their exhaustive surveys of likes and dislikes, this new crop of GPS-based dating apps seems fixated largely on two qualities in potential mates: Proximity and convenience.

All of the location-based dating apps serve as "icebreakers" for conversations that might not happen otherwise, said Wiklund, Skout's founder.

"I don't know if it's 'lazy,' per se, but when we designed Skout we really wanted it to be similar to how you meet people in the real world," he said.

If a person is listed as zero feet away, for instance, you might glance up from your seat at a coffee shop to see that person hanging out across the room.

All three services list the distance between the person using the app and other member users in feet.

Most of the apps rely on instant messaging as a way to break the ice before a real-world conversation takes place.

On these apps, users keep minimal profiles -- much less detailed than those you see on Facebook or My Space.

That system of identifiers is still used in some cities.

There are some concerns about these new dating apps being used by predators who may have access to a person's general location. "This is really not more dangerous than, but even on you need to have common sense," he said. in an empty parking lot, maybe you turn down that offer." Amanda Segal, the Skout user from the Jay-Z concert, said it's easy enough to tell if someone using a dating app is a predator or a potential love interest.

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"You can engage with people, you can chat, you can wink and flirt and then help out with extra tools." Some relationship coaches, however, question whether the GPS dating apps are anything more than a fad.