Bluetooth bmw x5 updating phone list

Posted by / 28-May-2020 03:43

Now go to your i Drive (or prof radio if you don’t have i Drive) and select info sources/settings and find the bluetooth page (it differs depending on software version, etc but I’m sure you know where it is) and delete any pairings for any phones you have in there to be safe.Now go through the whole re-pairing procedure again, I will try and post a video on how to do this with i Drive as a few have asked but until then just follow the manual.

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Now here’s what some say is important, whilst that is showing you need to open the contacts app on your iphone and just sit there scrolling the contacts up and down randomly to simply keep the phone from entering sleep mode.

If you are able to pair your mobile phone without any problems, there is no need to update the software.

Just kidding, lets not turn the comments section into an Apple vs PC bash.

I spent most of my time on an XP machine at work and manage my entire office’s Windows workstations and just use Apple in my free time] Ok so if all went well above you should now have 2000 contacts at the very end of your i Phone contact list, all of which should have the same phone number.

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Recently I configured my i Phone to sync contacts with my Exchange server at work and this PUSHed another 2500 contacts onto my i Phone and suddenly all my contacts appeared on the i Drive.

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