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Biostratigraphic dating relies on

Any sequence in which an older fossil occurs above a younger one is stratigraphically disordered.

Scales of stratigraphic disorder may be from millimeters to many meters.

This is supposed to be hard-headed pragmatism.” (O’Rourke, J.

E., “Pragmatism Versus Materialism in Stratigraphy,” , vol. 47.) “One might imagine that direct methods [radiometric dating] of measuring time would make obsolete all of the previous means of estimating age, but these new ‘absolute’ measurements are used more as a supplement to traditional methods [index fossils] than as a substitute.

H., “Comments on Some Stratigraphic Terms,” “Paleontologists cannot operate this way.

There is no way simply to look at a fossil and say how old it is unless you know the age of the rocks it comes from.

Strangely, little effort has been made to test this assumption.To put it another way, ‘good’ dates are those that agree with the field data.” (Mc Kee, B., , 1972, p.25.) “We define stratigraphic disorder as the departure from perfect chronological order of fossils in a stratigraphic sequence.This time interval was from 542-520 million years ago.This approach avoids the circularity associated with using fossils to correlate rocks, and then using those correlations to infer biological patterns…” (“Cambrian Explosion: New Timeline for Appearances of Skeletal Animals in Fossil Record,” , Nov.

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Apart from very ‘modern’ examples, which are really archaeology, I can think of no cases of radioactive decay being used to date fossils.” (Ager, Derek V., “Fossil Frustrations,” , vol. 425.) “The larger part of the Phanerozoic time scale…relies on a construction where stages are first scaled ‘geologically’ with biostratigraphic compositing techniques, and then stretched in linear time using key radiometric dates. E., “Pragmatism Versus Materialism in Stratigraphy,”, vol. 53) “A great deal has changed, however, and contemporary geologists and paleontologists now generally accept catastrophe as a ‘way of life’ although they may avoid the word catastrophe.

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