Becoming exclusive dating advice

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Becoming exclusive dating advice

It was her late private secretary Lord Charteris who remarked that she ‘combines her mother’s charm with her father’s shyness’. We do hint at taking some things off her, but she won’t have anything of it.‘She’s so dedicated and really determined to finish everything she started.‘It’s not a problem as they’re hardly ever all there at the same time,’ explains a member of the royal household.‘She’s very up for that sort of thing. She had to carve her own way, and she’s done it fantastically for 60 years.’ Having ‘made it work’, Prince William went to see the Queen on his return.And for me particularly, being the young bloke coming through, being able to talk to my grandmother, ask her questions and know that there’s sound advice coming back is very reassuring.’ ‘It’s very much the case that she won’t necessarily force advice on you,’ he says. She’s always there for a question or two, for whatever it is you might need. ‘I prefer to do a “post-debrief” than a “pre-debrief,”’ he explains.

Having just appointed Prince William to the position of Colonel of the Irish Guards, his most senior military appointment — and one of her Guards regiments to boot — the Queen was quite clear that her grandson should be getting married in his Irish Guards uniform.‘So you don’t always get what you want, put it that way,’ the Prince says, laughing again. ’As we approach the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, the mood is entirely different.

And that clearly includes the new Duchess of Cambridge.

As I have discovered, history is important to her, but the present is rather more important.

It’s also a contributing factor to the Queen being, in the words of one bishop, ‘the happiest I have ever seen her’.

Not only is she supported by the most experienced Prince of Wales in history, but she can also take genuine pride in the calibre of the next royal generation down the line.

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