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Batch updating

For columns that are ) it is best to use column numbers.

If column names are used, the developer should guarantee that they uniquely refer to the intended columns by using column aliases.

During the upgrade process you can view the performed operation and the progress in the main window.

You can use this tool to connect to multiple devices at the same time if you need to perform multiple updates.

Data Append services can significantly increase the value of both consumer and business mailing lists ensuring existing names and addresses are up to date including phone number, address and email.

By adding or updating information about your consumer mailing lists you can target specific marketing opportunities.

A column alias effectively renames the column of a result set.

To specify a column alias, use the SQL object, and the value has to be converted back to a numeric type before it can be operated on as a number.

The last two values, the entries for the columns , which sends only one command and returns a single update count. )"); String(1, "Amaretto"); Int(2, 49); Float(3, 9.99); Int(4, 0); Int(5, 0); Batch(); String(1, "Hazelnut"); Int(2, 49); Float(3, 9.99); Int(4, 0); Int(5, 0); Batch(); // ...When a getter method is called with a string and more than one column has the same alias or name as the string, the value of the first matching column is returned.The option to use a string as opposed to an integer is designed to be used when column aliases and names are used in the SQL query that generated the result set.You only need to load a firmware file and connect to the phone in order to upgrade or restore it.The interface displays basic details about the firmware file such as the version or the supported chip.

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