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Awkward dating quotes

While changing in the girl's locker room, Sadie convinces Lissa to take a naked picture of Jenna in order to stop her from stealing Lissa's boyfriend Jake. When the photo is traced back to Sadie's phone, she takes responsibility for taking the picture in order to protect Lissa, but is able to weasel her way out of getting punished by the school's guidance counselor Valerie Marks.

During a kickback party hosted at Lissa's house, Sadie is upset when Jenna and her best friend Tamara show up. When Lissa decides to let everyone inside her family's hot tub despite Sadie's adversion to swimsuits, she takes a piece of Lissas's dogs poop and throws it into the hot tub when no one's looking.

Despite her weight, she has admitted to Matty that she loves herself, despite being accused of killing Ricky and being poor in Season 3.

She can also be easily frustrated and as a result, mean to her best friend Lissa.

Darlene barely shows any compassion for Sadie, and tells her that the only way for her to lose weight is to write down everything she eats in her food journal.

While returning the journal, Jenna briefly mentions the letter to Sadie, but she quickly denies it.

It's later revealed through Darlene that Sadie convinced her to accept Jenna and her mother into the group since as a charity organization they should have a "charity case".

Since the start of Season 4, she has been trying to get Lissa to quit her position as head cheerleader so that she can become it and she has also started working in a food-truck, but has since been promoted to head-chef.

Sadie Saxton is a member of the Saxton Family and a cheerleader for the Titans Cheerleaders. Sadie is introduced as the mean girl during Jenna's first day of sophomore year.

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Sadie Saxton is a main character, female lead and anti-hero of the MTV series Awkward.