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Automatic updating charts in excel 2016

Every time when you update your data your chart is instantly updated. Or do you have any other idea to create a dynamic chart range?

So I've been having a bit of a problem recently, I somewhat solved it, but I'd love to see if anyone has a better suggestion.

And, we have to create dynamic named ranges for both of the columns so that when you update data your chart will update automatically. Now, let me tell you how it work In above formulas, I have used count function to count the total number of cells with a value.

Then I have used that count value as a height in offset to refer to a range.

Whether they are the default refreshable ones that can be deployed from Microsoft Dynamics GP or ones you create using e One’s Excel Report Builder, getting the list and then being able to build out the pivot tables, charts, graphs, etc can be a very powerful tool.

One thing that we have seen internally and have heard from customers is that when you refresh the data sheet, it isn’t automatically refreshing the data in the Pivot Tables.

And if so, would there be a way to start the macro on startup?

Below, you have a chart with month wise amount and when you add amount for Jun, chart values are same, there is no change.) & then use that table to create a chart.Note that the Excel Web Access web part that Peter uses in the demo is only available in the Enterprise Plan of Share Point or Office 365.When an Excel chart is added to a Share Point page in this way, it will not be updated automatically when the list data is changed.In the previous demo Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of Business Solutions, used the Excel Web Access web part to add an Excel chart to a landing page.In the previous demo Peter also showed how to update the Excel chart when list data was changed, which is not done automatically with the method he used.

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