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It can help to understand how mild autism is different from more severe forms of the disorder.

Autism is defined and diagnosed based on several important criteria.

For many adults with autism, non-verbal communication can present a significant challenge.

These individuals may have difficulty interpreting facial expressions and gestures.

In decades past, autism received far less attention from the medical and education communities than it does today.

This means there are likely many adults living with undiagnosed autism.

Similarly, romantic relationships can be incredibly difficult for individuals with autism.

In addition to the challenges that come with regular friendships, there are many non-verbal cues associated with romantic interactions.

Autism is called a "spectrum" for a good reason: symptoms can range dramatically from very mild to very severe.

If you find that you frequently misread other people, it may mean you have this symptom of autism.

Many people with autism experience extreme over- or under-sensitivity to stimuli, known as sensory processing disorder or sensory integration dysfunction.

They may find it hard to establish and maintain eye contact while talking with others.

Adults with autism may feel that they are always "missing" something when interacting with other people.

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With therapy, many mildly autistic individuals can lead, happy, independent lives.