Austin dating in service texas

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Austin dating  in service texas

How do you manage to blog and take on styling clients at the same time?

I mainly do scheduling, which is perfect for me since I love a well-organized calendar!

Despite all of the amazing opportunities I was given in the music industry—and that being the only business I really knew—I still hadn’t found ‘that thing’ I was truly passionate about.

He already had a full-time editor, photographer, and graphic designer, so I came in as the “everything else” person. I started interning in the music industry, in the Texas country genre, while I was in college, working for a local agency.I read a ton of blogs and scour Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.Two of my favorite sources of inspiration at the moment are Jamie Meares’ isuwannee and Emily Henderson’s Style by Emily Henderson.All in all, I would say that my style has been the thing that’s changed the most over the years, and it’s fun [and funny] to look back at old pictures and see the evolution. As I previously mentioned, most items in my home were purchased at antique markets or estate sales, therefore I was able to score them at a deal. I believe it’s important to invest in pieces that truly speak to you and that you know you’ll have for a while—if not forever—whether they be large or small.How would you describe your personal decorating style? I’ve always said that I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock n’ roll, mainly due to my work history, but I think it’s translated into my decorative style as well. A majority of the pieces came from antique fairs, markets and estate sales, however I also love Four Hands Home [a hometown favorite! A couple of my favorite pieces are the antlers above my bed [my dad had shot a mule deer earlier last year and gave me the mount for Christmas—I had to spray paint them gold, obviously] and my autographed Willie Nelson guitar, which was a gift from a friend. At one point, in my living room, I had 0 throw pillows next to a coffee table.

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Next, I took a talent accounting position with one of the nation’s largest concert promoters.

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