Attitudes toward interracial dating scale

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Marriage statistics in the US, which is considered the worlds largest melting pot, revealed the lowest rates of intermarriage for Asian males (as opposed to Asian females).

Follow-up studies indicated various social dynamics at play in terms of racial preferences, and that Asian males are shunned and considered the least preferred partner for practically all other ethnicities.

If you believe in the theories of Gavin Menzies as posited in his book, (1953), or the findings of Col.

Barclay Kennon (who served on the US North Pacific Surveying Expedition in 1871), or Charles Godfrey Leland (1824-1903), or Sinologist Karl Friedrich Neumann (1793-1870), the Chinese have been in the Americas for centuries, perhaps even millennia, long before the first European settlers arrived.

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Response rates for popular online dating app Statistics collected on 2.4 million users of an online dating app reveal highly distinctive heterosexual patterns of racial-gender preferences in the general population.

There is also genetic evidence to support this.* *Genetic evidence found in Amerindians (maternally inherited) mitochondrial DNA (mt DNA) supports the theory of pre-Columbian multiple genetic founding populations migrating from Asia.

The evidence also indicates that some of the migration was by sea and not only via ice-age land routes as previously assumed.

of state legislatures to restrict alien rights to property, meaning that although most of these restrictions have been repealed, they can be reinstituted at any time. 11, 2001, these issues are being revisited primarily by the federal government rather than individual states.

American textbooks continue to list WWII casualties at 40 million killed, completely sidelining the roles and sacrifices of Asians.

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