Arranged marriage better than dating

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Arranged marriage better than dating

Your American friends might be supportive, but as for everyone else…not so much. As long as you don’t destroy your US Citizenship card, that is. Every day you remind me of how grateful I should be for living in this country.

Your Desi friends might listen keenly, but secretly plan to bad-mouth you the second they get home. Posted by confuseddesigirl on June 2, 2011 in arranged marriage, Arranged Marriages, brown people, Desi, Desi Community, desi dating, desi parents, Facebook, Muslim Dating, Muslims in America, Pakistani dating, pakistani-american, Uncategorized This is a letter to all Desi parents who are immigrants to this country and are raising children in a land they didn’t know as they themselves were growing up. You tell me I am privileged for for having air conditioning and the means to attend school without having to walk miles and miles each day.

My mom told me that one of my cousin’s wife’s cousin has graduated from medical school this summer. What should I do knowing that I don’t meet his demands? Already I can see rejections from people who haven’t even seen me or know anything about me.

Posted by confuseddesigirl on May 16, 2012 in arranged marriage, Arranged Marriages, brown people, Desi, Desi Community, desi dating, desi parents, Muslim Dating, Muslims in America, Pakistani dating, pakistani parents, Uncategorized Today I was reminded again (for the million and one time) how huge of a disappointment I am. It’s as if it’s me and my (degree) against the world. I may act very sure of my choice to not be a pre-med student, but honestly I am not as sure it is the best thing for me.

This girl with constant stories of her hookups all of a sudden receives a rishta for a doctor, the son of wealthy business owners. All in all, it the business of arranging marriages depends on who your spokespeople are and how well they can “sell” you.

One girl barely passed high school and wasn’t interested in continuing education, let alone be a stay-at-home chef or pious girl. In this case, if she were to find her own partner, she could do better for herself.

And please don’t believe everything you hear about my oh-s0-accomplished cousins.The truth is that you are in the wrong era and the wrong place.Double negatives don’t make a positive–only in math.This transaction is settled by older men and women close to the bride and groom-to-be. I can’t change what others want for their sons/daughters.Family, education, occupation, appearances are all factors that play a part in deciding whether or not two people are a good match. Since I can’t change myself, I guess I’ll just be prepared to live with the consequences.

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Posted by confuseddesigirl on July 9, 2011 in arranged marriage, Arranged Marriages, brown people, Desi, desi parents, Islamic Youth, Muslims in America, Pakistani, pakistani parents, pakistani-american, Parents, Reputation, Uncategorized No matter how hard we try to obey our parents and rely on arranged marriages as the sole way to live a decent respectable life, many of us can’t help but stray.