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(or rather, Andy’s Musical “Polaroid”) Solbi was spotted in the audience of Andy’s musical “Polaroid” – rather fulfilling her promise to see for herself whether he has a kiss scene with Honey Lee (keke). Credit: [email protected] The farewell vacation mission for the four make-believe couples on MBC “We Got Married” will be shown next as we will finally know who will stay and who will depart.This was inevitable since Solbi developed very deep feelings during the past 8 months of recording.El fiscal añadió: “Admitió que hizo las cosas mal y mostró arrepentimiento por sus acciones.Además, ya que es figura pública, se enfrenta a las consecuencias”.Alex – Shin Ae had a different farewell vacation from the others.

The production team wishes that we can tell many stories of the couples for a long time.” Just like what the PD said earlier, all four original couples with the exception of one have finished filming their farewell vacation mission on 16th September.

WGM's Andy- Solbi couple to leave the show after 7 months.

An official of the show said that Andy and Solbi will be leaving the program at the end of this month, ending their 7 months with WGM as the cute, lovable couple.

through We Got Married…it enables me to regain my confidence at times.. I will treasure dearly our created memories together… Don’t be too lonely…and must stay healthy^^ To everyone who loved Ansol Couple…really thank you.. I was more concerned with what they would be showing in the preview instead. I couldn’t possibly watch in peace and joy after all the drama created in the past week by the PDs who gave interview after interview about the possibility of the couples staying and then leaving the next instance.

And also thankful to the team (WGM) whom I learnt a lot from… Andy and Solbi had gone to Namsan Park on 16th September for a stroll as part of their farewell vacation mission.

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The An Sol couple, who had already decided to leave the program, took a stroll in a park while sorting out their feelings developed as a fake married couple for last 8 months. Andy and Solbi will leave the program completely after the last studio shooting on 23rd.

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