Are amy and nick from karmin dating

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Are amy and nick from karmin dating

Nick was working at a boxing club and I was working at Berklee Music online.” Nick: “There came a point where we thought, “why don’t we start our own shit.” Everything happened from scratch, but we did it.” KC: Can you tell us what Karmin stands for and how it came about?

Amy: “Well the Beatles was taken, so we couldn’t go with that.

Amy and Nick met at Berklee College of Music and released their first album, Inside Out, in May 2010.

We’re firm believers in the less you say the more you know.” Amy: “Everyone really was supportive.

It only made sense, Nick being one of the best jazz trombone musicians at Berklee and me being a singing major, it was meant to be.

We basically made up our own word.” Nick: Since we were new to the game, we knew people wouldn’t just listen to our music. – Make sure you set a foundation before doing anything. Make sure you see everything together and do everything together. Like coming home after a meeting with Kanye West and telling Nick all about it, it just wouldn’t even be real.” KC: Have you had any unique or funny responses from the celebrities you’ve covered on Youtube? The very first video we covered was Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes, ‘Look at me Now’. Amy had put up her personal cell phone number on the Youtube video we uploaded. We also got the chance to sit down with Kanye West in New York for about two hours. Apparently he really liked us and asked about Karmin.

We decided to cover songs, basically “tricking” people into listening to us through Youtube.” KC: So who are your biggest influencers, who do you most compare your music to? I fell in love with hip-hop at a young age, but growing up in Nebraska I couldn’t really listen to hip-hop.” Nick: “Definitely Kanye, but I love Coldplay too. ‘Twisted Dark Fantasy’ put us over the top.” KC: Any tips for those who want to start something with their significant other? You could imagine how that turned out.” At this moment into the conversation, we had to take a small break. He loved the second song we performed, “I Told You So.” Oh, and we can’t forget about The Ellen Show! w=584" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-3063" title="karmin on ellen " src=" w=584" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-3062" title="karmin on SNL " src="

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