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Apple backdating stock options

So far, the government has found sufficient grounds to indict only five executives on backdating out of all those at the 200-plus companies involved in the scandal.

It's not easy to prove that an executive intended to deceive shareholders rather than just engaged in sloppy paperwork, say lawyers.

Gibney certainly takes an unusual approach: Rather than a straightforward life story, the movie focuses on a handful of moments in Jobs’s life that many biographies don’t linger on, like Apple’s stock options backdating scandal. M I sat in on a group Q&A session with Gibney at SXSW in March. But also at the same time, I’m appalled, really, by his cruelty, and his inability to get outside himself, and to see himself and his company in a broader perspective. But not because they were telling incidents about Apple the business.

That allows Gibney to play rare — and fascinating — footage of Jobs parrying with Securities and Exchange Commission lawyers during a 2008 deposition. Here’s an excerpt of that conversation: Your film doesn’t have any on-camera interviews with current Apple employees, or anyone who didn’t end up distanced from Jobs in some significant way. In that SEC deposition, where he’s talking about how, when he wasn’t given a bigger stock option package by the board, he felt hurt — that just struck me like, you’re a very very powerful guy, and the board didn’t do what you wanted to do by themselves, and you’re hurt? That seemed like a person who couldn’t get outside himself. Is that because you thought they were telling, or because you could talk to people who would talk about it, or both? This film really looks very carefully at his values.

Most biographies of Jobs mention the backdating story, and incidents like his fight with Gizmodo, after the site got its hands on his i Phone prototype. That’s something Steve would bring up over and over again: Values.

Some suggest that it would hang tough with him even if criminal charges were filed by the Justice Dept., which is a remote possibility for many reasons.

“It’s not a reflection of the Steve I knew.” Director Alex Gibney might take that as an endorsement. I recognize a lot of myself in him, in the fact that I work very hard, probably to the detriment of the time I spend with my family.

In his mind, his movie is a necessary counterbalance to overly positive portrayals of Apple’s iconic leader. they sent us emails saying, “We’re sorry, but we do not have the resources to deal with your requests.” So I felt like we should all pitch in to help Apple develop those resources. And the people in my company also work very very hard. And also there was a kind of questing for perfection.

On some occasions, Jobs even recommended the dates.

The Securities & Exchange Commission is scrutinizing Apple's internal audit as part of a formal investigation into the company's backdating.

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