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It is when Mat's father comes to America to reclaim his child that a truth about Mat's past is revealed, a truth that might shatter Lucy's fragile little family forever.

Created by Robert Pattinson fans as a place for other Robert Pattinson fans to enjoy, and find information on him. And someday, somehow, he will come up to you and ask you to be his bride.

Thus begins he Two months after the death of her best friend Harlan, Lucy remains haunted by the things she never told him including her deep love for him.

It is said that out of despair comes hope and in her grief, Lucy finds that the possibility of adopting a child offers her a new chance for a fulfilled life.

One email in particular haunts her -- he tells her he is certain she is destined for motherhood.

I enjoyed watching Lucy grapple with her loss and her sense of self.

I'm used to reading books that get academic culture all wrong (what was that mystery I read that turned on someone murdering a colleague in order to become department chair?

Shes looking to make some roots in life, and, if Rob feels the same way, then they might just last long.

The Robert Pattinson's girlfriend is Kristen Stewart - Bella from the Twilight movie.

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Further snooping into her net profile reveals that the lack of privacy is an issue, as her friends have been comforting her about this.

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