American hot girls on wechat gayteen dating

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American hot girls on wechat

There are several ways you can find random girls, but only one is worth the trouble and that's "people nearby".

What that feature does is pull a list of 20 or so people in an up to 5KM radius from you, the more people with We Chat are near you, the closer to you the hits you will get.

My gaming level is intermediate, and focuses almost solely on daygame.

I can count on my hands the number of things I can say in Mandarin (one of which now being the Chinese word for Orgasm, fuck yeah), so I was gaming strictly in English.

First of all to all those who don't know what We Chat is: Think Chinese "Whatsapp" meeting Facebook with Geolocation functions.

Currently I had experience with We Chat game in Shanghai, Yangshuo, Chengdu and Beijing, with Shanghai having by far the best results.Also post random stuff like food pics and sightseeing pics, the point is to make it look like a real used account, and make it seem as "real" as possible.Once you did all this, you are ready to find prospects.We Chat has a "Wall" like Facebook called "Moments", so post a few more photos of yourself with English caption (just one or two more) and set it to Public view, this is very important.Posts are separated by date, so if possible don't post them all at once.

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So I definitely didn't game full time or even most of the time.

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