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Although doing interviews, researching land and family records in court houses and libraries, etc., is still essential, many leads and much information now is available on internet websites and from contacts with strangers in unknown places who also are working on their own Bittinger-related family lines.

It is astounding to discover the plethora of genealogical data on the web.

This datum suggests the unconfirmed possibility that some of the Buttners may have moved eastward from Bulgaria or that from which our branch of the family had descended several centuries earlier. These sources enabled the writer to discover the truly ancient origins of the early Bittinger family.

The family lines such as the Boger, Bouser, Dotterer, Frantz, Fike, Foust, Engelhart, Hoch, Livengood, Ludwick, Philippi, Merkel, Roudolph, Schäffer, and Schneider will be discussed later in this document.

By the end of the 18 Century they had moved from their first settlement locations near Pottstown in Montgomery, Berks, Lehigh, York to Somerset Counties of Pennsylvania, and Frederick, Washington and Garrett Counties of Maryland, and to Hampshire and Preston Counties of what was then Virginia but now is West Virginia.

The tracks of our ancestors of the that includes Philip Sr., and Jr., migrated through western Virginia ca. Ludwig’s brother, Anthony, went via Wythe County, Virginia, to the Winston Salem area of North Carolina, with Philip and Julianna splitting off and going to join his brother, Philip, Sr., in Somerset County in western Pennsylvania.

The present essay follows a prior article I wrote that centered on the European Origins of the Bittinger family lines.

That succeeded in tracing the Bittinger family from its Balkan origins into southern Germany, Switzerland and Alsace.

It does, however, provide an impression of the scope of the Bittinger migratory and settlement patterns, patterns likely not very different from that followed by many immigrant families arriving at the port of Philadelphia.

Although some branches are not ours, they are included in order to be helpful to other researchers.

Since their earliest known arrival to this continent in 1723, Bitting[ers] have scattered far and wide.

The earliest Bittinger marriage discovered was in Gutenwill a few kilometers east of Zurich, Switzerland where Elias Bittinger and Barbel Lybengut lived.

(Barbell was born September 7, 1581.) This is where we begin the present essay.

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