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A study dating all the way back to 1982 confirms as much, stating: “…no significant nutritional differences exist between foods prepared by conventional and microwave methods.” And according to CSIRO, Australia’s national agency, “if correctly used, microwave ovens offer a convenient and safe method of food preparation without any detrimental effects on consumer safety or nutrition.” Mysterious creatures never fail to stir our imaginations, and it’s no surprise that cultures from across the globe tell tales of morphologically ambiguous hairy creatures roaming the backwoods.

From the Yeti in the Himalayas to the Almasty in Central Asia and the Bigfoot that haunts our North American forests, wookie-like humanoids populate our collective imaginations.

Andrea has extensive experience in providing counselling to adults of diverse backgrounds and from all age groups, as well as adolescents.

She enjoys working in collaboration with clients in order to provide support, increase self awareness and insight, identify opportunities for change and growth, and to build resilience and life skills.

As the world has become more developed and air travel even more of a necessity, the number of passengers on airplanes has climbed steadily, and proof is in those streaky clouds in the sky.

For some, those vapor trails that mark a plane’s passing hint at something more insidious: a secret government program spreading harmful chemicals across the country.

Her approach is warm, non judgmental, respectful and client centred.Every sample was ultimately matched to known mammals, including cows, dogs and bears.While there was some controversy over their claim that several samples came from an extinct species of polar bear, their study found absolutely no evidence for a previously unknown species of hominid lurking in the wilderness.However, the debate about the efficacy of flouridated water is a far cry from a government mind-control project.They breathe life into day-old pizzas and cold casseroles, but do microwaves leech all the vital nutrients from our favorite foods?

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She draws on a range of therapeutic approaches in order to tailor the therapy to meet clients’ individual needs.

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