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For instance, one can video chat and use regular= chat simultaneously.2 (link to reference below)=20 =20 ________________________________________________________________________= __________________=20 =20 We can also use G-talk Video to have a video chat in G-mail in Chi= na, though few people use it at present. The icon and interface are as follows:=20 Compared to Google talk video, Q= Q is quite convenient, because you do not need to re-install plug-ins.

Just download the plug-ins for Voi= ce and Video chat as the following page shows. The = function is integrated in the software itself.

Pentru a contribui la personalizarea conţinutului, adaptarea şi măsurarea rezultatelor reclamelor şi pentru a asigura o experienţă de utilizare mai sigură, folosim module cookie.

Dacă apeşi sau navighezi pe site, ne permiţi să colectăm informaţiile de pe Facebook şi din afara lui prin intermediul modulelor cookie.

3 (Link to Reference 3 of this page= )Someone found that MSN seems to use a similar "Image Smoothing" or "dynami= c compensation" technology, whether it is static or dynamic, the video qual= ity are much better than other video chat soft-wares.

The icon and interfac= e are as follows:=20 In audio comparison, MSN has excellent imp= ression in the masses.

Compared with the aforementioned app= lications, even fewer people use it in daily lives.

It is a small green sof= tware with no advertisements.

Comparison with MSN, t= he picture quality of QQ is not particularly good.

Combined with the powerful search function of Baidu (a = search engine in China), the one-key search service make both search and co= mmunication much easier.

6* (Link to Reference 6 of this page)* =20 =20 As a new video-chat tool born no mo= re than half a year, G-talk is still rather strange to many people all over= the world.

Functions such as chat (text, voice, video), = transferring files are also integrated in.

The icon and interface are as fo= llows: Except for the common functions, Baidu Hi has i= ts unique features.

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The main reason is that i= ts video and audio chat button has been placed at the location of eye-catch= ing message window. Howev= er, since the premise of talking to anyone is to be aware of its e-mail add= ress, the objects to communication are inevitable limited. We can not capture or preserve the video image; = the only option is to set the size of video are fond of Tom-Skype, an excellent = voice communication tool.