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Adult sms chat in campbelltown

Try to remain calm, and politely ask to get legal advice by calling the Youth Hotline on 1800 10 18 10 before you give them any other information.

Lawmail is a FREE legal advice and information service.

This is called soliciting child pornography material and carries a maximum penalty of up to 15 years in gaol.

You could also be charged with committing an act of indecency towards a child or transmitting an indecent communication to a child.

Some of the restrictions for people on the register include telling the police every time you move houses or change jobs.

If registered, you will not be able work or volunteer in a job where you are likely to have contact with children and young people such as coaching a junior sporting team or becoming a surf lifesaver.

In this fact sheet, we’re talking about how sexting can get young people into trouble with the law.

It can even include pictures that have been photo-shopped to make a young person look naked, or cartoons of young people having sex!

The maximum penalty for making, sending or having child abuse material is 15 years in gaol!

New South Wales child pornography laws only apply to images of young people under the age of 16, but the Commonwealth laws are broader.

These laws even apply to images of young people who look like they are under the age of 18.

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If you’re concerned about a nude or ‘sexy’ picture of yourself that might be on someone’s phone, computer or online, or if you’re worried that you have a picture like that on your phone, computer or online, you can send a Lawmail to get free confidential legal advice from or call the Youth Hotline on 1800 10 18 10.