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Presenters provide a knowledge base for individuals in systems that serve children, adolescents, and their families who have experienced traumatic grief, including parents, teachers, child welfare workers, resource parents, caregivers, and mental health providers.Holidays, Celebrations and Traumatically Bereaved Children Webinar presenters discuss ways holidays and other personally meaningful dates can serve as trauma/grief reminders, including how culture can dictate children's reactions to reminders and the need for therapists to understand their clients' culture.Coping with the death of a significant person is especially difficult for children.Their reactions depend on the child's age, developmental level, previous life experiences, emotional health, cognitive ability, and family and support system.It includes an extensive listing of books—organized by age of the intended audience—websites, and videos.Sibling Death and Childhood Traumatic Grief also offers self-care advice for caregivers to help them cope with their grief reactions.Educators and school personnel can play a crucial role in helping students following a death that affects an individual child or the whole school community.

”Grief, Loss, and the Path of Healing among American Indian Youth and Communities Webinar presenters—two clinicians who are native to Montana tribes and two non-native clinicians who have worked in an American Indian community—discuss the unique experience of loss and grief of American Indian children and communities, review death and loss within an intergenerational context, and teach participants about grounding interventions, assessments, and research in culture and community.

The NCTSN has listed below many CTG resources and materials for educators to learn how to help children and teens reacting to a traumatic death in the school setting.

Child Traumatic Grief Educational Materials: For School Personnel (2004) (PDF) This resource presents information for school personnel in two formats: a seven-page in-depth narrative and a one-page, two-sided handout.

Developed for the school-age reader, with a caregiver guide, the illustrated book describes Jeremy's journey as he and his family get help and are able to enjoy happy memories together.

Sibling Death and Childhood Traumatic Grief: Information for Families (2009) (PDF) This publication offers caregivers information about the particular grief reactions that a child may have when a brother or sister dies and provides tips to help the grieving child.

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