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You cannot Love a person when you have lost so much respect for them any longer!!! You cannot expect Love from someone that has no LOVE for anyone !!!

I Walked away and I did pray to God to take my feelings away from me and you know what he did !!!

Missing someone that you were close to and intimate with is totally normal, it means that you’re human and that you have blood pumping through your veins. Get a pen and paper, sit down and ask yourself why it is that you miss him.

They will REGRET that they don’t have you around as an option any longer.

So what happens if he is too consumed with his new thing to miss you…? Why didn’t he care to let me fend for myself or let me down?

There is a big possibility he won’t come (text or call) back then right? some of us are looking for that break from ass wholeness? After all the dipsh*t wouldn’t even have his precious car if it wasn’t for me.

They will never regret the way you and I would hope for because true regret from a connected man will include remorse.

And that would require something called maturity, emotional availability and being able to objectively examine their actions for what they are (so that evolution and actual growth can take place). This is the extent to which they can “miss” and “regret” and frankly, you, your future, your destiny, and your precious and short time on this planet deserve more than a passive and disconnected “missing.” Accepting any of those bullet points above as the kind of “missing” you deserve is like saying you want to get a tattoo just so you can experience what it feels like.

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