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Ad file need network php updating

It will add countless new features to the existing network tools, such as new overpasses, highway onramps, intersections, ped-malls, a ground light rail network, roundabouts and turning lanes.New features in Version 36--September 13, 2017 Ayren: There are some tram stations included in the mod--we started including stations 5 years (and 5 versions) ago.The updating process works as follows: Note: I've tried whether marking the add-in file as read-only would enable the code to delete the file itself, but this appears not to work when the file is on a local drive.I've heard reports that when the add-in is on a network folder, this does work.The code that does the actual updating is wrapped in a class module called "cls Update", see the entire code below.Hi Eduardo, The HTML file contains the number for the most recent version of your add-in. Where do I have to change the Build number, if I make an update?I believe I am missing portions of the rail mod because I do not have the brown look on my tracks and I don't have anything that says rrw, which I believe is the new rail mod.For example, my single track rail says RAM and not RRW.daftpunk03: It does work on GOG copies.

The Single Track Rail will say RAM on it regardless of whether one installs the RRW or uses Maxis Rail options.update: I tried to re-install NAM to add the dark HSR texture, the RRW with the modded textures and some other features.

Also, it appears Excel 2007 does not allow inserting a webquery in one of the add-in's worksheets.

To work around this problem, the add-in's "Is Addin" property is temporarily set to False, then the web query is inserted and the property is set back to True.

The add-in itself contains the verison number of the add-in. Is it right, that I have to change the value of the cell named "Available_Build" and also the same number in my htm-file? (the bigger one): Inside my Add In I have some sheets, wich control the Add In's functionallity.

So the code compares the version number IN the add-in with the HTML file and if the html file has a higher number, you know you can offer the user to download the new version of the add-in. i was able to get the build issue fixed i could set build for the current version and to the html for the new version. or can you help me out with these problems, thanks hello actually i am shy to question again. Some values of the sheet "Einstellungen" will be change by the users to set theyr settings.

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This is done so the check for an update can run in the background whilst Excel finishes its startup process.

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