Absolutely free sex chat without registering

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Absolutely free sex chat without registering

Heads up to Charles Ortel, Mike Cernovich and other brave souls who keep digging for the truth about the Clinton Foundation: Make public your own suicide note before your never-to-be-proven killers get to register “SUICIDE” as the cause of your untimely death.Send out your own ‘Suicide’ note first along the lines of: I (fill-in-the-blank) am researching the mysterious deaths of Seth Rich, John Ashe, Peter E. I would never choose suicide as the way out of life on earth.” It wouldn’t hurt to add, “nor am I the type to ever drop a barbell on my own neck.” “Ditto for wandering along alone on the streets of Washington, D.It made perfect sense to me he might have died of natural causes, but little chance he would have killed himself,” Ortel said.“Ortel and Smith shared a common interest in the Clintons.Ortel has dug deeply into the financial operations of the Clinton Foundation.Bauerle is the braver of the two because he is right in the U. More…Judi Mc Leod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media.S., in graver danger for digging like a terrier at the truth about the satellite-reliant election equipment that may now be being “rigged” to get Hillary Clinton elected as the next U. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard.Eberwein was set to testify against the Clinton Foundation.Interesting.“He shot himself in the head,” said Veronica Lamar, Miami-Dade medical examiner records supervisor. (Miami Herald)“It’s really shocking,” said Muncheez’s owner Gilbert Bailly.

Ortel has similarly expressed doubts about the circumstances of Seth Rich’s murder—which police have concluded was a robbery gone wrong—commending those “who are trying to discover why so many people close to the last election have died along the way.”“The difference here is that Ortel knew Smith personally.“We had countless discussions,” Ortel recalled of his relationship with Smith.Among the issues was FAES’ oversight of shoddy construction of several schools built after Haiti’s devastating Jan.12, 2010, earthquake.“Eberwein was scheduled to appear Tuesday before the Haitian Senate’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, the head of the commission, Sen. The commission is investigating the management of Petro Caribe funds, the money Haiti receives from Venezuela’s discounted oil program.“Strange how people associated with the Clinton’s mysteriously end up dead.That made no sense,” Ortel said.“According to the death certificate, Smith died at pm Central Time on Sunday, May 14.“Ortel said Smith did not appear depressed or give any hints he might be on the verge of taking his life.“Absolutely not,” Ortel said.“He was excited to learn the particulars of a project we had been discussing.”“Ortel said he was concerned about Smith’s overall health and asked him about it.“On this final call, I had to ask him, saying ‘Look, I want a straight answer, are you OK heath-wise?

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Ortel, who may have been the last person to speak with Smith prior to his death, told The DCNF there were no indications the wealthy Chicago businessman was about to commit suicide the next day.“It was a friendly chat,” Ortel recalled of the phone conversation that occurred May 13.