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The sweet chai breakfast boi with his soylent grin is the emasculated, aromatase product of a globohomo world order which prefers its consumerist cogs […] Read Full Post » This photo captures the modren post-America sexual market better than any other I’ve seen of the genre.

You’ve got two men (at least one presenting symptoms of early onset soyboyism) sharing sangrias over candlelight at a hipster bar with one fat chick who may as well be running a bizarro world reverse harem.

For instance, a takeaway can set the right tempo early on by making a girl chase you for conversation instead of the other way around, or a takeaway can be employed during foreplay to get a girl to drop her last minute resistance to sex. The phony virtue takeaway has preemptively disarmed her anti-slut defense. And the people who wanted Wall-MAGA, but couldn’t commit because of price, or whatever, have an emotional reaction.

She will rationalize that you are not forcing her to do anything because you’re “not that kind of guy”, and your road to sex will suffer fewer impediments. […] Starting a couple weeks ago, Trump began to take away his original offer.

And yet it was set up by a sweet-faced 15-year-old schoolboy, Christopher Poole, in his New York bedroom in 2003.There’s a lot of overlap between Game and sales techniques. [..’] Suddenly, in a spectacular coup, Trump overcomes the biggest objection (“Trump is too unstable to be president”) and adds more value to the original offer. The ugly man who mimics those male SMV-boosting cues can actually wield MORE power over a woman’s imagination than can a decent-looking man, because she’ll be curious about what must certainly be the ugly dude’s awesome super magnetic charisma with apparently limitless power to overcome his rough mug.Many modern Game tactics are adaptations of older sales tricks, (and probably many sales tricks are adaptations of even older ancient seduction wisdom). Now, it’d be silly to claim that, all else equal, handsomeness isn’t preferable to ugliness.A list of celebrity names published anonymously online mentions scores more targets including actresses Kate Bosworth and Selena Gomez, singer Rihanna, British models Cara Delevingne and Kelly Brook, and TV presenter Cat Deeley.Some are shown naked, others topless and a few are sexually ‘in flagrante delicto’.

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The Takeaway has an esteemed pedigree, useful for closing all sorts of deals, from the Oval Office to, well, the oval orifice. Continue the date as usual, and invite her over to your place anyhow. But it’d be just as silly to assert that ugly dudes are shit outta luck. Unlike ugly women who suffer massive and deal-killing romantic penalties in the hunt for an acceptable mate, ugly dudes aren’t locked out of the romance market if they have that that women love. It won’t work every time, nor most of the time, maybe not even a fraction of the time.

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