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By the time your teen turns 15, you've probably thought about the fact that you're only a few short years away from adulthood.And if your teen seems light years away from being emotionally and socially mature enough to succeed in the adult world, you're not alone. Those years between 15 and 18 can be instrumental in helping your teen mature and gain the skills she needs to become a responsible adult.When your teenage daughter has an interest in a boy who is older than her, it is easy to become concerned.

That, combined with the need for greater independence, may cause your teen to seem distant at times.

" Make it clear that by following your rules and telling you where he's going, he's demonstrating he can handle more responsibility.

Most 15-year-olds aren't ready for as much freedom as they think they can handle.

" Your 15-year-old may become stressed about grades, relationships, and other teenage issues. As your teen begins to develop her sense of self, she may struggle to discover who she is as an individual.

She may struggle with self-confidence and may have high expectations of herself. Some 15-year-olds are ready to learn how to drive and they're able to manage almost all of their responsibilities on their own.

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Others, however, can't remember to clean their rooms and struggle to get their homework done on time.

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