11th grader dating 8th grader

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11th grader dating 8th grader

A Stanford achievement test must be taken in the 9th grade and score at least a 80% to be able to participate in the Honors Program as a 10th grader.

This score will be determined by our Honor Program Coordinator.

Maybe he could even tutor some of the coaching staff.

We had one of these in OKC several years back..............to find out the kid was an 11th grader.

We will not count any electives like PE, Health, or Bible as a high school credit in the 8th grade.

Make sure you let us know on your curriculum list and your semester reports the subjects that are for high school credit, so our Records Department can post them in the student's transcript. b) One ACT test taken in the 10th, 11th or the 12th grade with a minimum score of 16 or higher.

Please note that the colleges will require an official transcript from our office.

In addition, the student will need to achieve a minimum score of 25 in his/her ACT test.

Also, our Honor Program graduates will have a gold sash at the Aaron Academy graduation ceremony, an honor seal on the diploma, and a notation on the transcript reflecting participation in the program.

This will show you what has been turned in during the year, and also helps us check for any errors or if we have missed any credits when posting them. There is a small fee for an official transcript when, or if, you need one for various reasons (proof of good student status for insurance, college applications, etc.) Again, you can request this online, print it, or use the copy included in our information packet.

Yes, if your 8th grader is advanced in their studies they can earn up to two (2) high school credits if earning them at home.

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This includes curriculum lists and semester reports.

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