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Over the past year, Marcos has experienced a number of medical concerns, especially headaches and light-headedness. Avoidant personality disorder can be distinguished by the avoidance of rejectionand humiliation and fear of being embarrassed or perceived as inadequate, as opposed toschizoid personality disorder in which the person is not interested in personal relationships(Durand & Barlow, 2010).He sought assistance from a physician who, upon noting normal blood chemistries and metabolic functioning, prescribed migraine control medication and advised him to be careful about not going too long between meals. Sensitivity and specificity of proposed autism spectrum disorder in toddlers. Moreover, avoidant personality disorder should not be diagnosedwhen substance use, medication, or another medical condition can account for the personalitychange (APA, 2013a).

The neurologist reviewed test results, completed several additional procedures, and did not detect any concerns. Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disor- ders. They feel uncomfortable being on their own and, believing that they cannottake care of themselves, will quickly and indiscriminately find another relationship if a closeor intimate relationship ends (APA, 2013a).

♦♦♦ 283Diagnoses Commonly Made by Other Professionals Diagnostic Questions 1. Based on your answer to Question 1, which symptom(s) led you to select that diagnosis? What would be the reason(s), if any, a counselor may not diagnose Marcos with that disorder? Would Marcos be more accurately diagnosed with an anxiety disorder? As with other disorders described in this chapter, the perception of dependence as pathological will vary in different cultures.

Do Marcos’s presenting symptoms appear to meet the criteria for a somatic concern or related disorder? Counselors need to consider the client’s culture and acculturation status when considering a diagnosis of dependent personality disorder (Peluso, 2013).

When these individuals come in for counseling, they are often looking for acceptance, but they may soon begin avoiding counseling sessions as well.

Some may develop a detailed inner fantasy world and have a strong imagination.

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Also, those with narcissistic personality disorder need the admiring attention and expect the appreciation of others (APA, 2013a).