100 united arab web dating sites

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100  united arab web dating sites

Palestinian Arab claims to the land are based on their continuous residence in the country for hundreds of years and the fact that they represented the demographic majority until 1948.

They reject the notion that a biblical-era kingdom constitutes the basis for a valid modern claim.

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The district of Jerusalem was under the direct authority of the Ottoman capital of Istanbul because of the international significance of the cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem as religious centers for Muslims, Christians and Jews.

According to Ottoman records, in 1878 there were 462,465 subject inhabitants of the Jerusalem, Nablus and Acre districts: 403,795 Muslims (including Druze), 43,659 Christians and 15,011 Jews.

In addition, there were perhaps 10,000 Jews with foreign citizenship (recent immigrants to the country) and several thousand Muslim Arab nomads (Bedouin) who were not counted as Ottoman subjects.

The great majority of the Arabs (Muslims and Christians) lived in several hundred rural villages.

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Although the two groups have different religions (Palestinians include Muslims, Christians and Druze), religious differences are not the cause of the strife. From the end of World War I until 1948, the area that both groups claimed was known internationally as Palestine.

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